Chanel Blurry Blue (324) Quad Revision and Eyeshadow

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Blue Blur (324)

Chanel Blurry Blue (324) Quadra Multi-Results Eyeshadow four Shadows ($ 629) for zero.07 oz.) Is a brand new everlasting model (a minimum of it appears, as a result of it’s not listed within the Restricted Editions of the model's web site). It accommodates a set of smokier shades: two moles, a deep blue (however pale) and grey depth. For me, I may see this as an anchor palette – a palette that may complement many different palettes (particularly your palettes brighter or extra shimmering) – however will work effectively collectively. Pigmentation, ease of blending and ease of use had been good total, nonetheless.

Chanel multi-effects eyeshadow blue blur n ° 1 Chanel blue eyeshadow blur n ° 1

Blur blue n ° 1

medium taupe with impartial shades and a matte end. It had an opaque cowl with a delicate, silky texture that was neither too delicate nor too firmly squeezed into the pan. The attention shadow is effectively utilized to the naked pores and skin and simply fades.

Coloration Pop Adios (LE, $ 5.00) is extra shimmery, cooler (95% related) .Milani Slate All Day (PiP, $ 5.99) is extra shimmery, lighter, cooler (much like 90%) .Fenty Magnificence Henna Sea (PiP,) is darker, cooler (at 90% related) .MAC Persuade (LE, $ 17.00) is darker (90% related) .MAC Influential (LE, 17 , 00 $) is darker, cooler (much like 90%) .Marc Jacobs Magnificence Being (LE,) is darker (90% related) .City Decay Outdated Smoke (LE, $ 19.00) is extra shimmering, darker, colder (90% related) .Natasha Denona Tor (225CP) (PiP,) is extra shimmery, cooler (much like 90%) .The colour Pop Downtown (LE, $ 5.00) is darker, cooler (90% related) .BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Version # 15 (LE,) is extra scintillating, darker, colder (much like 90%). Chanel Blue Eyeshadow # 2 Chanel Blue Eyeshadow # 2

and a principally matte end. The ensuing colour was opaque in a single coat, whereas the consistency was easy, silky and may very well be blended with out being powdered.

bareMinerals Fortress (LE,) is extra shimmery, darker, colder (85% related) .Color Pop Tink (LE, $ 5.00) is extra shimmering. , lighter, colder (much like 85%). Volcanic Volcano No. four (LE,) is extra shimmering, darker, colder (extra like 85%). The dagger Kat Von D (LE,) is darker, cooler (much like 85%) .Viseart Cool Mattes 2 # 10 (PiP,) is darker, cooler (much like 85%) .City Decay BK (LE , $ 19.00) is extra shimmery, darker, colder (80% related). NARS Love, All the time Love # four (DC, $ 25.00) is darker, colder (80% related) .Dangerous Siren Behavior (PiP,) is extra shimmery, darker, colder ( 80% related) .LORAC Shadow (Mega Professional four) (LE, $ 19.00) is darker, cooler (80% related) .MAC Solid Iron (LE, $ 17.00) is darker, cooler (80% related). Chanel multi-effects blush blue eyeshadow # three Chanel multi-effects blur blue eyeshadow # three

refined, cool shades and a matte end. The pigmentation was implausible, whereas the feel was easy and silky to the contact, with out being powdery (nor an excessive amount of within the pan). The attention shadow fades fairly effectively, but it surely appears to darken somewhat erratically (I like to recommend utilizing a primer with it). He wore effectively for eight hours earlier than beginning to put on it.

NYX Shameless (P, $ four.50) is lighter (95% related) .Chanel Quiet Revolution # 2 (PiP,) is colder (95% related). Too Confronted Blue Satin Sashes (LE, $ 16.00) is darker (90% related) .YSL Scandal # 5 (LE,) is extra shimmery (90% related) .MAC Indigogo (LE, $ 17.00) is extra shimmering, lighter, hotter (90% related) .Coloration Pop Burnout (LE, $ four.50) is extra shimmery, lighter (90% related) .Color Pop Impact (LE, $ 5.00) is extra shimmering, lighter, hotter (90% related). MAC Plumage (P, $ 17.00) is lighter (much like 90%) .Marc Jacobs Magnificence Pea-cocky (LE,) is extra shimmery, lighter (90% related) .Make Up For Ever I300 Inexperienced Pine ( DC, $ 21.00) is extra shimmery, lighter, hotter (Much like 90%). Chanel Blue Multi-Results Eyeshadow # four Chanel Blue Multi-Results Eyeshadow # four

and a matte end. The colour cowl was opaque in a single go, which adhered uniformly and was simply melted on the pores and skin. The feel was easy, silky and finely floor with out being dusty or dusty within the pan. He stayed high-quality for seven and a half hours earlier than fading sharply.

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